Breakfast! My First Post…….



Food….not furniture, food, thats what on my mind this morning.
I’m always flat out, far to busy to think about what to eat and shop for at the moment, thats fine, except I end up swatting the hunger pangs away like an irritating wasp until they are burning and have to be obeyed!! And there in lies the problem.



I run to the kitchen and grab whatever is convenient, a bagel, a pack of Tyrells (no matter what time of day) anything that will satisfy IMMEDIATELY.
What I have realised about hunger is that its impossible to concentrate on anything when you are hungry (side thought: Before undergoing any type of surgery always ensure you check with your practitioner that he or she has eaten!) Anyway, so I have been experimenting with a instant recipes that are filling and healthy.

So today, I give you the “Bananacolada” smoothie. This staves off the knawing sensation for approx the same amount of time as porridge (erghhh, who really likes porridge unless its made with double cream and sugar?!)

One large or two smaller banana’s, unsweetened desiccated coconut (full of fat but good fat, and allegedly good fat will not make you fat, its sugar that makes you fat, oh and transfats etc.,) cinnamon, and unsweetened soya milk. (Being peri-menopausal I am killing the hot flushes with soya milk as it has plant based oestrogen….so far so good).

Thrash all ingredients in a blender and voila.  Filling, instant, palatable. *Tip: Malibu or rum can be added if using after 11am 😉

Mine was much larger than the lovely image by lemon tree dwelling!

*Drink responsibly and only ever with friends, never drink and dial!


8 thoughts on “Breakfast! My First Post…….

  1. Hehe, I just thought of another poster “I’m sorry for what I ate. I was ravenous”!
    I can just about last the morning if I mix a bowl of porridge with a banana and some home grown blueberries 🙂


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