Mirror Mirror on the wall…….

What a week!

Ive got cabin fever……16 hours a day for the past 5 days……the dog hates me, her daily long hunting jaunts have been substituted with food bribes and “What?! Stop staring at me….I’m doing all this for you!!” but I’ve had my head down and been working flat out on the new website (have a look and see what you think) and lots of ideas for new and different products.

Amongst other items, I want to be able to offer a product accessible to everyone but keeping the essence of the SH brand.

I love mirrors for the room enhancing qualities they have. A mirror is so many things: To some its a decoration on a wall or floor, to some a statement. For others its for adding light, and maybe to the more imaginative its an art installation, as you move around a mirror will show you a different reflection or vista reflecting real life in real time!

Well, the BonBon is all of the above.

13 standard colours and bespoke options will be available, I am doing a stripy one next week and will be doing a scarlet red one for Valentines.

BonBon Mirror

On a side note, I made an antique looking mirror 8ft x 6ft from mirror tiles to light a dark area of my hall. I had a handy man come to help me do some jobs and whilst he was waiting for me to find my list of things to do he shouted “Sarah, shall I start by cleaning this mirror”……..hysterical!!

I may have taken the mirror down if he hadnt have been wearing a shell suit and crocs!! (image to follow next week)


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