How to waste valuable time….

…….or put off what you should REALLY be getting on with!

I have a glitch in my make up,  I won’t read instructions. Rather than taking a few minutes to read the ‘how to do’ info, I waste a few hours doing it my way…..only to discover I can’t save something or its wrong!

Its the hard way or no way for me!

Anyway, I stumbled across a site called Polyvore this morning. Its a great app for stylists, interior designers or simply people wanting to update a room and see what works and what doesn’t by putting items and  schemes together for interiors (or fashion) to try things out before committing, whilst also being a platform to show and sell products (which is the reason I was playing about with it). I put a few of my pieces up then pondered what kinds of settings they would look good in………. and messing about I came up with this. I would point you to Polyvore to look at it in situ….but as I didn’t read the instructions I couldn’t save it, thank god I know how to take a screen grab!

Screen Shot 2014-08-10 at 12.36.42


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