Bertha…….the new Madonna

I’m so excited, Bertha the cocktail cabinet has a new home.

A lovely new client interior designer Sarah Reed of Hard Hat Property has purchased Bertha for an amazing project she’s doing in London. She’s designing the show flat which is 1 of 4 apartments in a victorian church conversion. Her scheme is silvered woods, golds and Farrow and Ball stiff key blue. So, in true Madonna style,  Beautiful Bertha is being reinvented…..again!

I’m changing the bulls head handles to sheep, well ram’s heads and the red interior has been structurally adapted and cut back to accommodate a wide screen TV, the mirror has been removed and the interior will be gold leaf.

I’m actually making the handles, so far so good, I’ve sculpted the head and horns out of clay and have made the mould. but putting them together should be interesting. Cant wait to see them finished, if they look good I may start selling them!

Anyway, images coming in the next few days……………

_-4 copy 2


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